Measurement Form for Mens Wear

Submit the Measurement form only once for each item. Even in case there was an error while placing the order or if you want to place the order later.

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Full height* Feet/inches
Foot wear size (if Applicable) mention US/Europe size
Turban size (if Applicable) measure around your head (where the turban sits) inches

The below Form is divided in two parts. If you know your Standard size, please fill Part One. Or if you prefer to fill in your custom measurements (preferred) please fill Part Two. You need to fill any one.

Please enter your Standard Size (for example: 42, 44 etc) size


  Please fill the below boxes if you prefer to give us your custom measurements. Please submit body tight measurements only.
measurement guide
Shoulders inches
Chest (measure around under armpits) inches
Stomach (Needed if you have a pot belly) inches
Waist inches
Hips inches
Sleeve length inches
  About 3-5 Inches will be added to the above Body tight measurements of chest, waist and hips

Special instructions
Please type the code shown in then below image:

NOTE : All these dresses are customized according to the measurements you give us. Please be sure of the measurements you provide, as in some cases alterations may not be possible. If you have any clarifications please mail us at