Standard Measurement Form for Kurta and bottom

Submit the Measurement form only once for each item. Even in case there was an error while placing the order or if you want to place the order later.

Select your size from the chart below. At the end of the form you have an option to select the fitting (number of Inches to be added to your body tight measurements).

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Full Height feet

Standard Measurement Chart(In inches)


US Sizes
Corresponding UK Sizes Bust Shoulder Waist Hips
6 8 32" 14" 26" 36"
8 10 34" 14" 28" 38"
10 12 36" 15" 30" 40"
12 14 38" 15" 32" 42"
14 16 40" 16" 34" 44"
16 (1x) 18 42" 16" 36" 46"
18 (2X) 20 44" 17" 38" 48"
20 (2X) 22 46" 17" 40" 50"
22 (3X) 24 48" 17" 42" 52"
24 (3X) 26 50" 18" 44" 54"
This part of the form is optional, if you choose not to fill it, the specifications will be kept as per what the model is wearing
Sleeves: Choose the type of sleeves you want
Choose the type of sleeves you want. Accordingly mention the sleeves length in the space given (optional). If you do not enter the length in inches. We will calculate and do it for you.
As worn by the model in the photograph
Sleeveless Half Sleeves 3/4 Sleeves Full sleeves
Length of sleeves: inches
Select the length of kameez / top
Choose the height of kameez / top. Default length is as worn by the model in the photograph, if you wish to change it, please select from the choice given below and enter the length in inches (optional). If you do not enter any measurement in inches, the length will be kept as in your choice in proportionate to your full height.
As worn by the model in the photograph
Above waist On waist Below waist Knee length
Enter length of Kameez/top from shoulders: inches (the end result may be exact or -/+ 2 inches)
Select the bottom style - salwar / pant / churidar
As worn by the model in the photograph
Salwar type Churidar type Pant / Parallel type
In case you have selected churidar style please select gathers (chudi) you want (optional)
As worn by the model in the photograph
Less Gathers Medium Gathers More Gathers
Please select number of inches (ideal is 3) that needs to be added to your body tight measurements
Tight Fit (+2 inches) Easy Fit (+3 inches) Loose Fit (+5 inches)  
Special instructions
Please type the code shown in the below image:

NOTE : All these dresses are customized according to the measurements you give us. Please be sure of the measurements you provide, as in some cases alterations may not be possible. If you have any clarifications please mail us at